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deu5ex said: I don't know if you remember, but I asked a question a few weeks back about ranked anxiety. I just wanted you to know, I took your advice, got through my promos and straight into Silver IV. Much higher than I hoped for. So thank you so much. I really appreciate it and hope you keep up the good work helping people like me.

Nice job! No problem, just here to help. I hope you have the best of luck with the rest of your League experience and always remember that this is only a virtual online game, don’t stress yourself out or lose your life over it! GL!

compliments-people said: You're awesome and an amazing person!

Thanks, you too ;).

fifth-dimension-booti said: so as soon as I got out of promos I did decent in most games considering I'm not the best of players and I got put into silver 5 but the players are no better there either. I always get stuck with feeders even if I win lane and it's just ridiculous. you just cannot win in any divisions I guess

Thats a really big downside to league. The only thing I can suggest is DUO QUEUE. It the is the best possible way to climb rank easy if you play with a friend that doesn’t feed. GL!

The only nerfs lucian needs

The only nerfs lucian needs

The World Cup has been predicted for us, GG

The World Cup has been predicted for us, GG


Let me stir some of them tears into his tea cup, brb.

Not my business

Not my business

deu5ex said: Hey there, quick question and hopefully you can help. I have been level 30 for months now and while initially I was excited to start playing ranked, I have to date only played four games into my provisional 10. I have found that this is out of anxiety more than anything else. I keep feeling like I need to perfect everything before I even attempt it in my provisionals. My question is whether you have any tips for getting over ranked anxiety (or in my case, pre-ranked anxiety)?

To best answer this question we must first explain from where the anxiety comes from. Being a league player like you, I understand what you’re talking about and its very common in players. This mainly stems from the fact that you know the smallest mistake (being the first death -> losing lane -> enemy gets fed -> enemy snowballs -> enemy roams and makes your team lose all their lanes -> game lost -> feeling sad about the game and going on a losing streak -> losing streak -> bad promos -> placed in Bronze V (note: this isn’t definitely what will happen as you can come back but what I outlined is the general idea) can possibly ruin your whole league career. To avoid falling into that vicious cycle the best tip I can give you is to duo with a friend that is already ranked highly (please don’t go duoing with a bronze, even if they’re the best. It’s not because they (your duo partner) are good or bad but its because their elo would match you with other Bronze players for your promos and thats not something you want…). This is very good for two reasons. The most obvious being that they will have a lot of game experience (hopefully) and will be able to help carry you to a higher league which is easier and less sporadic than say, Bronze for example (I mentioned this before in one of my previous posts explaining how the moment you leave Bronze you can climb 3 divisions in silver in a matter of a day or two because you aren’t weighed down and the players are more consistent). The second reason is that it will be more fun (this is different for everyone but everyone I know, including myself, have more fun and win more when we duo with people we like and have a good relationship with). A key to duoing though is to use voice communication. At first it is a must have to use voice communication so as to have good planning, unified attacks, and correct timing (this can be cross-applied to my last post about jungling whereas you are the jungler and are, for example, duoing with your friend who is in mid lane. Ganking then becomes WAY better (like, WAY better) because you can time everything correctly and can easily make those risky plays I mentioned before). Currently I use voice communication as much as possible with my friends when duoing with them but there are quite a few times where I can’t use voice communication so we just play the game in a duo but this only works because I know them so well and have played with them for so long (3+ years) that everything basically becomes unspoken but known. 

azuldesuske said: Hi me again! XD So I have been playing a killer Xin Zhao Jungle and absolutely love him. But I can't seem to fully grasp the concepts of ganking. I mean i'm decent at it and my objective control is top notch (Xin Zhao is amazing for that of course) But ganks tend to end up in failures. Not so much as death of my team mates. But more so in the case that our prey gets away. Any advice?

NOTE: A lot of this advice applies to all junglers (and the laning phase because you can’t gank when theres no laning phase…) but here I will focus on what you can do with Xin Zhao.

Well, thats weird. I’ve always struggled peeling a xin zhao off of me during a gank. So here are the things you should be doing (assuming the opponent isn’t very low health because then you can dive them while ignoring some of these tips but thats rare). Always, ALWAYS gank when lane is pushed to your teammates turret. This overextends your enemy and places you closer to your turret in case you need to run back (hopefully you don’t need to). Also, as Xin Zhao, use your leap on to the champ then get your 3 hits for the knockup and if your teammate is any good the enemy should be dead. Now, the exception to that is when the enemy has an escape, like, a REALLY good one, like Zed (bad example, to me hes ungankable), Yasuo, etc etc. Then this gets much harder. This requires personal experience to fully utilize but if you want the most basic and barebones explanation, run behind your opponent and knock your 3 attacks off for the pop. If your opponent with these escapes knows how to press a button, you shouldn’t be able to get all 3 three attacks off… yet. After they “escape” you jump on them and knock the 3rd or possibly the 2nd and 3rd to knock up. Usually this places you very close to your opponents turret and you need to act quickly without dying. This requires your ally to also act quickly with you so have them on board. Never gank a lane that is pushed even the SLIGHTEST bit towards your opponents turret unless you know that they’re so low and will be easily killed. To make your team happier (happy team = winning team), try to gank without them having to ping you ten times and then let them die while you’re sitting there farming blue. This is a very big mistake as the jungler would say “going bot after blue” but hes needed there now and this ends up losing many lanes. It’s okay to take blue then go bot if your bot lane is doing okay or good, and not under the threat of dying. Also, the biggest and most annoying thing I see bad junglers do is go and jump in to the lane without pinging the target to their teammates and they end up all getting killed. One thing you can do with Xin Zhao (and I find this works better in bot lane for me) is to gank from behind and when they use some escapes or whenever you see its necessary, you can ult your enemies closer to your team and turret to make it an easier kill. Never chase, no matter how obvious or close it is. Now, when I say that I don’t mean “if you’re a cait that can drop her long range shot from right under the enemy turret and jump backwards out of it with a substantial amount of health don’t try and do it no matter what. Basically, what a lot of this comes down to, is common sense. If you really like in real life war and battles you can think of the game like that and I assure you that you will get better (it’s how I got into the game and how I still analyze it). GLHF and please don’t gank by walking up to the lane and getting yourself killed!

malachi6987 said: Im trying my hardest to get out of something called "THE PRE ELO" basically lvl 20-29 and I was wondering as I get more xp and into ranked, what should I look forward too in ranked?

Haha interesting question, you’re league experience will COMPLETELY change the moment you enter ranked. A big mistake everyone makes when they hit level 30 is to go straight into ranked thinking “oh, I’ve been winning so much I bet I’ll get placed in gold or platinum’ and then they go and get raped in ranked. Don’t be that person. To avoid this, when you hit level 30, play at least 100 more draft pick, normal games before you even play one ranked game. By now you most likely think I’m crazy and have stopped reading but this is the single biggest mistake I and many other people have made. The choice is between playing a lot more (100 is a very good amount)  draft pick, normal games, or going straight into ranked and getting placed in Bronze where it is almost impossible to leave, even with a season reset (I say almost because I and some friends have done it, but almost after two full seasons of playing.) To expand on that, the moment my friends were promoted to Silver after these ~2 years, they climbed 3 divisions in a matter of 2 days. No, they did not no life, they just kept winning. This just shows that they were better than Bronze but they couldn’t get out because they made the mistake I listed previously and were weighed down by many other players. The thing you must take from this is to NOT, NEVER, EVER (excuse the grammer, but I need to add emphasis) go straight into ranked without a lot of draft pick practice even if you think you’re really good at draft pick and keep winning. Even after all this practice it might still be tough on you but it won’t be anywhere near as tough as not practicing in draft pick at all. I know this sounds very “depressing” and negative about ranked but it’s not my intention to, it can be VERY fun at times. The key to remember is to always enjoy it (even after you go on a 7-game loss streak) and not to stress out about it and lose your life over it. One thing I do to prevent wasting my whole day on league is to always close the client for the day after 1 win. I know this sounds miniscule but over time it adds up. So for example, if you win 5-6 days in a row, you’ll be in promos. Then 2 days later, you’re in a new division. At this rate, you go from Bronze V 0 LP (been there for months because I stopped playing and got demoted from Silver+) to Silver V 0 LP in exactly 1 month. Good luck with your ranked career and I hope to see where you get placed, GLHF!

Edit: Also, for the sake of every ranked player out there and yourself, PLEASE learn to play at least decently at every position in league because if you don’t it WILL, 100% guaranteed, bite you in the butt sooner or later.