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thatonelolsupportmain said: I am a support main in League. Albeit i am Bronze 3 and i understand that im not the best. Is there anyway i can up my game in the support role for ranked?

Learn how to play different TYPES of supports. Ex. Thresh, Braum, and Leona are very aggressive supports by nature. On the other hand, Nami and Sona are generally passive. The reason for knowing how to play so many different types is because you need to be adaptable the enemy comp and your own adc at the same time. Another thing that really helps is to always poke the enemy bot so your adc can have an easy time farming and later on snowballing. A key thing that all good supports do is not just defend their own adc, but also help save other teammates. I know this sounds like basic knowledge but I used to always see the enemy support stick to their adc like glue and and whenever one of their other teammates was in a tight spot and it was obvious they could help them, the support would leave them to die.

Personal experience:

Climbed from Bronze 5 0 Elo to Bronze 2 Promos using only support in just 2 days (I didn’t lose any games). People always say that support is so useless but honestly, imo, an adc is useless without a support because you have to baby sit them the whole game.

GLHF with League! If you need anymore help you know where to find me!

allheartnobrainandnoplans said: I love this theme so much! The multiple colors really make me smile. Is it alright if I use this and adjust the color pallette to brighter hues mixed in with grays, black, white, and neutrals? I'm not sure how to edit css, though. ^^;; I'm rather new to tumblr.

Ya sure no problem! Its okay, you can learn how to do it really easy through code academy and get an in-depth understanding or just the basics by checking out one of my posts a while back where I asked people for tutorials so I can create some themes. The code to the theme I use is located here:


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The current meta

The current meta

deu5ex said: I don't know if you remember, but I asked a question a few weeks back about ranked anxiety. I just wanted you to know, I took your advice, got through my promos and straight into Silver IV. Much higher than I hoped for. So thank you so much. I really appreciate it and hope you keep up the good work helping people like me.

Nice job! No problem, just here to help. I hope you have the best of luck with the rest of your League experience and always remember that this is only a virtual online game, don’t stress yourself out or lose your life over it! GL!

compliments-people said: You're awesome and an amazing person!

Thanks, you too ;).

immortalhdiizzle said: so as soon as I got out of promos I did decent in most games considering I'm not the best of players and I got put into silver 5 but the players are no better there either. I always get stuck with feeders even if I win lane and it's just ridiculous. you just cannot win in any divisions I guess

Thats a really big downside to league. The only thing I can suggest is DUO QUEUE. It the is the best possible way to climb rank easy if you play with a friend that doesn’t feed. GL!

The only nerfs lucian needs

The only nerfs lucian needs

The World Cup has been predicted for us, GG

The World Cup has been predicted for us, GG


Let me stir some of them tears into his tea cup, brb.

Not my business

Not my business